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Death Rattle Darkness by Kenneth Vincent Walker

Death Rattle Darkness


I have seen both sides;


Now, I cannot close my


Eyes amid this freezing


Cold kiss of Death with



Her frigid lips clinched


Pressed tightly to mine.


The viciousness of Life;


The last heartbeat of a



Diminishing survival are


At odds and are rivals to


The bitter end, Alas, this


Viscous drip from veins



Now collapsed while my


Mind slowly slips into a


Subconscious state with


A mammoth embrace



As pumping ceases to


Exist, the thumping now


Leaps from my chest, a


Lowly bellow befriends



My last shallow breath


Has come to its end as


I fall from my saddle


Halted by a death rattle



Silenced forever Amen.

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