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Rebirth by Mackenzie Kemp

While this being has existed for centuries, taking on various forms and saving countless civilizations, there is always a time in its lifespan where it must rest. No matter how much the soul fights to stay inside its body, the rules are set in stone and cannot be changed by anyone or anything. It is only within these rules that the god is able to be reborn.

We have met before.

Enveloped by sand, surrounded by the soft breeze of the sea, the soul and the physical body meet, the feeling of familiarity and a sense of urgency, drive the awakening of consciousness.

You have been chosen.

The voices of the past guide the new soul through its body, shaping the golden hue into a physical form, one that will be welcomed by all life, from the roots of the trees, to the insects roaming the land, and to the humans across the sea.

Open your eyes.

The being opens its eyes, grasping the sand with its fingers, as the sun shines brightly over the island. Walking slowly, the newly-born god makes its way over to the sea, taking in its reflection for the first time.

The form of a human man. With soft blue eyes and golden brown hair.

It coughs, jumping at the sudden sound of its own voice.

Exhaling deeply, the god glances from left to right, moves its fingers and toes, and touches the water, chills going up its spine.



The humans will come to you. Until then, stay put on this island.

“What do I need to do?”

The god waits for a response, and when one never comes, it lays down in the sand, letting the warmth overtake its body.

It stays there, even as the sun sets on the horizon.

A series of questions flicker in its mind.

Who am I? What is my name? What is my purpose?

Knowing that there will be no answers, the god closes its eyes, falling into its first sleep of many.

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