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Sentiment In Santa Cruz by Katey Taylor


cotton candy and carnival rides, stretched across the boardwalk tides

youth felt eternal under carousel lights, dizzy and dazed, I lost my sight

clowns and jokers crowded in, taking me for another spin

twirled me fast into duress, their face paint and evil stained my dress

stuck in the house of mirrors and scares, they took my innocence, this isn’t fair

found an escape through a trap door, only to end up wanting more

now I wear a smeared rouge smile, succumbed to a vicious loop of denial

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Sep 30, 2022

Katey taylor is such a creative writter, amazing person and someone you can count on. Everytime i read her writting, it warms my heart that she touches on such vulerable and challenging topics. Its a remind to us all how dark life can be, she takes her readers out of their comfort zone, yet she makes you feel like you understand, even if you have never expeierenced it yourself. In short, another impressive work from katey taylor!

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