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Untitled X 3 by Margo Block


the castle brims with ghosts and nightmares

shut behind cobbled stone

a white shot against shadows

hands outstretched for directions home

cast beside medieval forests of rage and ancient desire


you were speaking gibberish again

like in the sweet dream

a red string caught on your tongue

or a whisper told and sold to the soul

you were speaking or selling your story when I knew you could

the warrior inside speaks of a revolution

dreaming and caught

in the space of her nightmare


you do not want there or here or me

as if I was too pristine a picture to speak about

as if that was in your heart and nothing more

while I moved mountains just to tell truth like a tale

violent storms I turned in my sleep

like a whisper I wanted mystery

they wanted movement and your lies and a memory

they wanted on these terms

when you have wanted many things

like the misery of your heart

you wanted I wanted love

and of the in between

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