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A Delicate Rose by R.P. Logan

A Delicate Rose

It shouldn’t be so hard at this time of night,

when the bars are starting to close,

I passed on a violet and gave up on a lily,

Had my sights set on a delicate rose

She was mahogany deep with brown eyes to match

and a head of heavenly curls and

riding her breasts that called with each breath

was a string of brilliant pearls

Yet her skin could not be as dark

as the sins of my heart

as I plotted this new acquisition

And I paled at the thought

of what could be wrought

should I conduct this base inquisition

Her beauty was timeless, that shuttered the heart

and the hair on my skin rose to pray

that crass I may be and insolent to boot

together in bed we might lay

She passed through the room an innocent lamb

Unaware of the wolf at the door

And the craven beast within started to howl

At his lost chance to follow her spoor

Out of the door and into the night

Swept by me on angel’s wings

Who perhaps could have saved me,

Her innocence belay me

From the madness that loneliness brings

It shouldn’t be so hard at this time of night,

when the barmaid says it’s time to close,

To evaluate one’s life with insight and knife,

Leave a tip, blow a kiss, adios

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