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A Letter From Death by Kenneth Vincent Walker

A Letter From Death

Dear Recipient,

Though you can’t see

Me through the dark

Glass in the darkness

Of your mounting fear,

I sincerely assure you

That I have come for

You and you are why

I am explicitly here.

You can feel me and

Sense my presence.

Hence, the tension

Between your ears.

Your heart rate rises,

Your brow perspires;

An acknowledgement

By streaming tears.

For you needn’t be so

Frightened of me and

You’ll find this transition

As peaceful and natural

As melting snow slowly

Yet steadily disappears.

Fear of the unknown; a

Criticism cast upon me,

Yet I’ve come to release

You, to set you free of this

Worn-down ravaged body

Whisking you far, far from

Here unto a blissful eternity.




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