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Acknowledgements and Announcements from DarkWinter!

As we head towards the end of 2023, we at DarkWinter Literary Magazine and Press would like to take a moment to first acknowledge a few things. It's been an amazing year--who would have thought when we launched the literary magazine in Spring 2022 that we would have published over 300 writers in the magazine and published 3 books through the press in 2023? Special thanks go to all of you who've entrusted us with your writing, and a special thank you to Bill Garvey (The basement on Biella), Sean P. Carlin (The Dogcatcher), and Cecilia Kennedy (Twenty-Four-Hour Shift: Dark Tales from on and off the Clock) for working with us. Bill is currently nominated for a Griffin Poetry Award, Sean's novel is on the recommended reading list for First Novel with the Horror Writers Association, and Cecilia has not only garnered some great reviews but was nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

So what's next for DarkWinter Lit Mag and Press? Well, we have a busy start to 2024. First, at the beginning of January, we'll be releasing Christopher Butt's debut short story collection In The Lair of the Kraken:

In Spring of 2024, we have a full roster with the following releases:

Where Sands Run Finest by Vikki C. (poetry collection)

The Roach Family and Other Stories by Cynthia Matthews (short story collection)

Words On The Page by Zary Fekete (novella)

In Summer 2024, we have these upcoming titles:

An Individual by Chris Klassen (novel)

Fighting For Decency by Gordon K. Jones (novel)

Still Some Crazy Summer Wind Coming Through by Brian Michael Barbeito (a prose poetry and photography collection)

Press submissions re-open on January 1, 2024 and we'll be looking for some Fall and Winter 2024 releases, particularly in the area of short story and poetry collections. The lit mag will be going on hiatus starting next week as we take a few holidays and get caught up--we're booked into the end of February right now so get those short stories/flash fiction/poetry/prose poetry submissions in before we close subs to the magazine on January 31st 2024!

All in all, it's been another great year thanks to you, our writers and readers. Here's to a wonderful 2024!

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Bill Garvey
Bill Garvey
2023년 12월 12일

Nicely done, and said

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Thank you!

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