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And the poetry winner is...Seekers by Laurie Koensgen

DarkWinter Lit is thrilled to announce that Seekers by Laurie Koensgen was chosen as the winning entry in our 2nd Anniversary Contest Poetry category by judge Kim Fahner! About this piece, our judge said, "'Seekers' is a poem which takes its readers from considering the supposed simplicity of people gathering shells on the seashore to a more complex journey that invites them to ponder what's been lost, as well as what's been left behind." Thanks to all who entered the contest this year--it was an extremely talented field. Congratulations again to Laurie Koensgen!


The tide has swept the beach and left us      empty

cockle shells

                                   Hulls of grit that might admit

                                                             a child’s finger

White and ribbed and flexed

               as eagles’ heads      their plumes

                                   blown smooth in icy altitudes

Empty shells            but for our notions 


                        these small cupped searching hands                   

Laurie Koensgen (she/her) lives and writes in Ottawa. Her poetry appears internationally in journals, anthologies and online magazines. Recent publishers include Literary Review of Canada, Stone Circle Review, The Madrigal, Contemporary Verse 2, and Rust and Moth. Laurie’s latest chapbook, Small Psalms for Moving On, is with Pinhole Poetry. 

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Congratulations to Laurie Koensgen and Steven Baird. I thoroughly enjoyed . . . and admired your works. It's inspiring to read such good writing.

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