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B.Y.O. Exclusion; The Inalienable by John Zedolik

B.Y.O. Exclusion                                                


She brought her own beer to the dinner

party and soon directed her


conversation to the known couple

arranged at an angle to the other pair


at the table, which, square, should

have been miles long, and a rectangle


receding into range of non-existence,

so she could quaff her private brew


in the company of the favored two


like a prized vintage among the swill,

with whom she wanted her guts to spill.

 The Inalienable                 


No light lurks in this half-moon

of hill, so safe from the seekings


of any eye keen to expose soft

mystery for its private profit—


best to keep swathes of secrecy

so—no need to denude the sleeping


under the sable, deft default

at this hour-arc on the globe,


security in the hidden-kept

lost under so much ill-umination,


for found is at times a taken

from the unseen with right to keep.


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