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Bitter Truths; Over-Simplification; Fatalism by Samantha Terrell

Bitter Truths

Sweet rot of old woods

Camouflages truth –

Pretending to be new.

Surface ornamentation, and

Seed pods

Lie about life beneath.

The leaf,

Long withered;

A stump, discolored –


Of bitterness

Seeping through.


We sketch our realities with great

Care, filling in details that are perpetually

Smudged out with a grain

Of salt, instead of charcoal or pencil, for perspective –

Revealing a pensive

Look; Or, shadows in trees.

Otherwise, every box is a square;

Every moon, a sliver;

Every truth, a dare.

But, for some reason

Even realism

Is abstract; even calm, is quiver.


If everything

Is anything,

And anything

Isn’t nothing

And nothing

Is something,

But something

Is definitely

Not everything,

Maybe everything

Amounts to nothing.


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