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Blue Pride by Stefanie Shapiro

Blue Pride

The lines run on the surface of her skin, her face

Thin, translucent skin

Marathoners thirsty for distance, slow but steady

Not creases, but unsheathed, blue vanity

Blood coursing through, a testament to her verve, her aliveness

She isn’t vain

But she has visible traces

A complete patchwork of a story, a life, a puzzle

Etched on her body

Taken with her wherever she goes, wherever she trespasses

A mobile repository of memories

Sometimes she hates those marks

Marks she was sure she carried with her from time long past

She panics they will overtake her

Making her complicit in blue-webbed ruin

Sometimes she loves those marks

A homage to her experiences, her existence

Marking the steps she has walked, the air she still breathes

Blue-aged pride

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