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Can You Hear Me Now? by Screams Of Unfettered Minds

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


Sitting alone in my own despair

Just off in the distance ringing I hear

That familiar sound of my phone's ringtone

And on the screen is ‘Caller unknown’

Do I answer this, should I pick up the phone?

Of course, it's private, just my luck

So, on a whim I answer the call

It wasn't what I was expecting at all

“Hello?” I ask, but I don't hear a thing

So I try once more, say, “Hello?” again

The caller responds with the very same words

But I'm not sure who it is I heard

I swear that voice sounds just like mine

“Hello?” I ask, just one more time

Sure as ever it responds once more

Speaking more desperately than before

“Hello, please help!” it says to me

“I'm stuck here, please set me free”

Confused and alarmed, not sure what to do

Am I losing the plot? I can't be you

“Who are you?” I ask, heart pounding fast

The voice replies, “You, confined in the past”

No way could that be, insanity at best

Surely it's a joke, someone calling in jest

“It's not funny, what do you want?!”

I suddenly feel like prey in the hunt

“Set me free, unlock this hell,

Stuck in this form, I'm merely a shell,

The thoughts that you have, that cloud your head

Become a reality for me, instead. I have to live

Here while you roam free, I hear it all

Because you are me”

How could this be? There's simply no way

How could I face this, what do I say?

When did my mind get a mind of its own!?

How am I talking to me on the phone!?

The one on the phone continues to plead

Deep down I already know what I need

It dawned on me as I listened some more

That my negative thoughts are at the core

I'll set me free from constraints I've placed

Stop thinking non-stop of the traumas I've faced

I'm torturing me who is on the line

That me is me

Their pain is mine

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