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DarkWinter Press New Release: An Individual by Chris Klassen!

Updated: Jun 4

DarkWinter Press is excited to announce our latest release, An Individual by Chris Klassen, available now!


An anonymous man searches for truth and contentment.  His examinations delve into religion, creativity, possessions and asceticism, communication, and childhood reflection.  His search sometimes causes pain to others and sometimes pain to himself and, at times, his grip on reality is tenuous.  But he continues on, possibly to tragedy, possibly to epiphany.

From the Foreword by Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum, Publisher, SORTES Magazine

"Chris Klassen’s narrator is a maniac of order and disorder. He is consumed by process, structure, nature’s hidden mechanisms. Peace comes when “everything is progressing well and the pattern hasn’t been broken.” Ostensibly the novel is a spiritual journey but I say it’s a semiotic gauntlet. Klassen builds his structure into a conveyer belt of allegorical kooks and vignettes and dreams, a semiotic Pilgrim’s Progress but softer and human, less Divine Comedy than fairground Tunnel of Mystery...."

Chris Klassen lives and writes in Toronto, Canada.  After graduating from the University of Toronto and living for a year in France and England, he returned home and worked the majority of his career in print media.  He is now writing full-time.  To date, twenty-five of his short stories have been published in Canadian, American and British literary journals and magazines. An Individual is his first novel.

You can buy An Individual in either paperback or e-version for Kindle here!

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