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DarkWinter Press New Release: The Roach Family and Other Stories by Cindy Matthews!

DarkWinter Press is excited to announce our latest release, the short story collection The Roach Family and Other Stories by Cindy Matthews, available now!


In this new collection of short fiction, the characters in The Roach Family and Other Stories share one thing in common: they strive to fit in. A malingering mother pays an agonizing visit to her ex-husband, his boyfriend, the narrator, and a tank of hissing roaches. A previously voiceless child discovers he can communicate. A first-time mom blunders upon self-doubt and finger-pointing after leaving her infant behind at a support group meeting. Organizers of a writers’ festival determine that food allergies do matter. A grieving woman uses unconventional means to appease her sorrow. With flashes of dark humour and the juicy details she’s known for, Cindy Matthews captures an assortment of flawed characters that will linger long after the stories have been consumed. The Roach Family and Other Stories features richly drawn characters at odds with the conventions of society who seek unique and surprising ways to take charge of destiny.

Cindy Matthews is an author and visual artist who calls Bruce County, Ontario home. Her debut collection of stories, Took You So Long, (Porcupine’s Quill, 2022) was the winner of the 2023 Independent Publisher (IPPY) award and runner-up of the 2023 eLit award. Reviewer Marshall Veroni of Rrampt hailed her first collection as a ‘labyrinth of complicated, delicate, and painful narratives.” The Roach Family and Other Stories is her second collection of stories.

You can buy The Roach Family and Other Stories in either paperback or e-version for Kindle here!


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