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Disturbed by Gina Carrillo


Silent raindrops fell like tears

Outside the castle

I’m aching for you

whisper away my anxieties

Imagine hearing you in my head

Darkness consumes

Fire burning, foggy fumes

Hiding in the shadows

thoughts of a better life

cracking through my skin

thinking of an experience

I want to have more

They’re talking about me

town people

knocking at the door

not understanding

my needs aren't that demanding

looking on to broader horizons

people try to kill

what they do not know

Also try to bring back alive

something that already had died

don't create me

make me feel so real

then turn your scared head

I’m undaunted

I wasn't the one that wanted

to be brought back


not like this

Now they wonder about how I act

This wasn’t what I thought,

can’t blame me for how I react

Your experiment was unsuccessfully simulated

Still some unconscious flesh not stimulated

This operation not quite like the illustration

Raised from the dead

There are crevices in my soul

That can’t be sealed with a kiss

Mended memories of the past remains

this new life is just not right

what others experienced are not the same

raised up with the tragic lightening

my appearance now very frightening

who can love such sorrow creatures

with bloody messy features

painfully stitched together

is there someone out there like me

finding them would calm my fears

wishing with these Franken tears

hoping and dreaming

sometimes I'm concerned

will I ever really learn

I'm just a zombie walking

limping to the side

cheated death still talking

about this strange new world

Inside internally perturbed

unsettled and just disturbed


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