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For The Time Being; Winter Is On Its Way; Possibilities for a Girl on a Dirt Road by Laurie Kuntz

For The Time Being

Why can’t we change

as quickly as an October landscape,

whose air no longer sounds with terns and jays

who have gone off to warmer climes.

It is the fleeing that paralyzes--

Lovers and friends, who have left,

keep us, for the time being, still and lost

in the harsh landscape of our minds.

This personal eclipse -- covered shadows mark us barren as the moon, which in all its phases, ultimately reemerges whole--

Is there anything more joyful

than a full moon in the daytime sky of October,

going from a sliver to fully visible.

Winter Is On Its Way

A tundra of cold settles into the heart,

and we know that winter will walk into the rest of our lives,

and cold, like glass, can shatter and spread

into the tiniest dusty covered corners.

But, the train of winter’s fury also slows and readies

to pull into a station where people disembark

onto a platform of noise and color and shops

that sell warm things like hats and cappuccinos,

and the heart is heard, not silenced

in white space or a snowy blur,

but readies for the thaw.

Possibilities for a Girl on a Dirt Road

In the news, it was a pastoral scene,

what could go wrong, but something did,

the girl on the bike on the dirt road

snatched and unheard of forever,

but what about the flip side of the record,

where the vinyl does not scratch--

now the girl on a bike avoids the ruts,

finds where the sand is solid

and the back wheels do not skid

into scripted disaster,

but glide smoothly past

fields of wildflowers,

and the girl will grow

and learn to call them by name--

aster, periwinkle, Queen Anne's lace,

and have a safe place with an ample table

and a porcelain vase waiting to be filled.


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