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Iteritiveness; This Isn't Persiflage by Sanjeev Sethi


Musicality of slant rhyme

comes naturally to some:

as with strangeness

and other shortcomings.

Tears are the final surrender

in an emotional forum.

Only the last breath

is more determined.

When consumed

by prosody and

her purport:

I am not stir-crazy.

This Isn’t Persiflage


When we cull anecdotes

from our archives

we usually embellish them

with happy endings.

In actuality it may not be so.


To know with whom

to share is a skill.

Bestie as a construct

is best left on ledger

of pubescence.

In universe of grownups

there is no perfect recipient:

no right candidate.

There is a slice or sliver

for this or that confidant.

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