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Last Night; Ghost Head by Donna Dallas

Last Night

I burned the wick

down to a nub

There’s a quiet ache

in the heart

I try to numb it with burn

with sting


or some fool wearing cheap cologne

and a knock-off Cartier

that I will pocket later

I wander after midnight

leave bits of bread

along the path - not to help me

find my way home

instead that some hungry lurch

will peck away and bingo…..

here I stand

with tray in hand

sweets and succulents

a house that closes up

when entered

as I close in when entered

I shut the book of chants

and cringe-watch for the devil

I’m gifting for him

there’s a pain in my gut

it’s called starvation

it’s called dead load

We fill the void

then spread the void wide open

refill it until it floweth over

It’s a long night

when the brew bubbles

when Satan’s in the hatch

and I’m quite hungry

Ghost Head

There’s a blur

between wake and sleep a semi-conscious connection where I

reach into the depth

of my empty to grasp at the Wizard of Oz house funneling

within my head

no Dorothy here to click ‘em - those heels - red glowing pumps that meant everything


can’t quite maneuver to grasp it when I awake it’s gone

moment lost

back to grinding back to daylight

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