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Lemon Path by Terry Towbridge

Lemon Path

A lemon rolls down the aisle of church.

The Monseigneur bends down to pick it up.

The lemon is as blinding yellow as a banana from space.

The Monseigneur is blinded and throws up his arms in surprise.

The lemon rolls up to an escalator.

The shoppers do not notice the lemon as they step over it.

The escalator looks like it is going to Heaven.

The lemon is surprised to only be in front of Bluenotes.

The lemon is indistinguishable from other lemons, even by other lemons.

Well, apart from size or if someone drew on one, etc.

A package delivery driver is eating a burger and looking at the lemon roll past.

If he can remember the lemon, how he will know it was this lemon?

Time flows past the lemon like stop-motion special effects.

Even when the lemon stands still, time keeps going.

Einstein said even when the lemon moves, it’s the same as standing still and time keeps going.

The lemon is not being ironic by standing still or moving, but either way, it could be.

The lemon smells like the cleanest mop in the universe.

The lemon rolls through a museum, past ancient pictures of gods with animal heads.

Those gods smelled that mop even before a hero used it to clean the moon so it shone.

The lemon fits perfectly in a cupped hand on a statue with many arms.


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