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Lothario's Lament Part 1 by J. Kerr

Come quickly.   

Be furtive and ever silent. As voyeurs we shall bear novel witness. 

Look there and give account...  


 It is  Lothario! 

And he is transformed.   

Is he not pensive? 

Does he not brood?


And what under God's great sky could cause such change in a bounder's way?    

You chuckle?


Surely,  a woman of great beauty has thrust her dagger into the heart of this poor cad.     


Never think it in life.  Harbour not a single doubt. For no less than thrice he has kissed an angel's lips.  Forsooth?   Why do you say thrice?  


Because that is the number of blinded mice.  

Why not once or even twice? Surely that would still entice.   

Nay. Once is nonce and twice, although nice,  could not quite melt this man of ice.  It is simple, I'll be more precise. For an angel's lips command a heavy price. Their effect is more like drug than spice. Like opium and lemon slice. Do you take the meaning of my advice?   


Well, let me see now. You spoke of mice  and drugs and spice in reference to this man of vice. All in a manner quite concise to relay your meaning should suffice. Thus, the angel's lips come at a price that is never once or even twice. So the only number that could suffice is not once even less than thrice.

Yes, you have summed the meaning up quite nice. Best leave him now to his own device. To dream his dreams of throwing rice.

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