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Memory Meditation by William Campbell

Memory Meditation

There is something in my mind holding me back from what I wish to achieve, it is simply one desire after another – another goal eclipsing another.

As one thought recedes after another, it takes over without any meaning. It is simply one image intertwining and overlapping.

In one image there is desire and in another there is meaning.

Spontaneous thoughts ebb and flow and cascade endlessly as if they were rain or water emanating from a source.

There are colors and images of a scene that have yet to be discovered and of a moment already experienced.

Even in memories there is an envisionment of what is yet to come.

The scene of an empty street corner in autumn remains silent, peaceful, and reminiscent of something larger that ruminates retaining meaning.

In these moments, these spectrums of time, acknowledgements flow like prayers as they are formed by the tongue and spilled from the lips.

Every breath is a feeling for every life that is channeled through the body forming within every ounce of love that is expelled for every lifeform and lifeforce.

It is a longing, a seeking out for closeness, a desire of touch, a feeling.

“I want to sleep with you… no… I want to be with you.”

Kiss me… run, jump, shout, yell, whisper, laugh, cry…

Meditate on a feeling…

(meditation: an extension of a prayer)

There is a vulnerability that is felt in time of despair where the joy is incapsulated in aspects the mind remains blind toward.

These aspects are within leaves, lakes, beaches, wind, sky, grass, mountains, and silence.

Once there was a moment where you were outside as the wind was flowing through your hair while you were completely alone.

You were picking flowers and remaining content. While finishing, you stood up, closed your eyes, and took a deep breath. As you opened your eyes you looked out into the distance viewing the autumn landscape.

And it all came into view as Mount Rainier appeared with a fresh snow cap hardening on its ridge as it overshadowed distances of street corners, empty rooms, and abandoned buildings lost to time and memory.

The memory that had lived on as a meditation and prayer became a moment that was known as eternity, while through this, it etched meaning through your beauty.

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