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Nimbus by J. Kerr

As i lay on a nimbus cloud

A cumulous dream had I

An enchanted novella

Authored by my ego

And starring my id

Yet  oddly it seemed

I was also the audience.

Even now , tho i am freshly awoke

My adventure dissolves into wisps

Of fine mist. Seeping thru my grasp

And coalescing into a veil of obsolescence.

Left behind are only the profoundest

Of fragments.

I cling to them like a drowning man

Amidst the flotsam  of  a scuttled ship.

That which i recall , was a balmy summer day . 

To my delight and for no reason apparent ,

i , despite being wingless

Found that i could fly.

I have been a fool on occasion

But never have i been stupid

And only an imbecile would  waste

Even a moment of such possibility

So up i went at once

No clumsy flapping was required

There i was , approaching the clouds

Looking down from whence i came

I began to tremble and doubt

So forward i bent my gaze

Higher now , i was a divine entity

Commander of inner space.

As amusement,  i sampled the possibilities in my power.  

Looping upward in great arcs

Before swan diving , nose first toward the earth

at terminal velocity  then upward again.   

So completely  engrossed and enthralled in my endeavor,

i did not notice that i had gathered an audience.  

Some time i might have continued unaware

Had i not heard a mirthful laugh.

So pleasant and infectious  was its cadence that i responded  in kind.

A better dream i could never expect

Yet here now, flying in perfect synchronicity  was an angel

So lovely in her perfection that it burnt my eyes.

But it was impossible to look away.

By her beauty was i smote .

As she drifter closer to me

I could feel a tightening grip

Around my heart.

There was no question from my id,

Ego or audience that i loved her.

So close was she now that i shut my eyes

For surely i must faint.

But there was something instead.

It defies what a mortal man could describe

And no justice done in my attempt.

A silk cushion, like Turkish confection pressed  against my lips.

It rested long, that i could taste the sugared honey of which it was surely made.  

Our lips held fast .

Together they opened  and  a sweet  gasp of heaven's purest air filled my lungs. 

And then, as if God were giving gifts

I felt for the briefest moment, soft velvet touch my tongue. 

And from the ecstasy I did die  in that moment.

Then awoke.


Here i remain still

Waiting only for sleep to return.


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