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Nobody Really Dies; I Don't Want To Die; Nobody Lives Forever by Gale Acuff

Nobody really dies my Sunday School

teacher says, They live on in Heaven or

in Hell if you can call life in Hell life

so I say Yes ma'am so maybe she'd say

damn next but Hell and damn don't count as bad

words at church and Sunday School but still it's

pretty good to hear them there and Preacher

and my Sunday School teacher saying them

and they not counting against them as sin

but of course if I say them then I'm darned

unless, I guess, I say them like they do,

sort of like the language of the trade or

at least a couple of the words and at

regular school they're vocabulary.

At regular school, when you're dead, you're dead.

Nobody lives forever, nobody

should want to says my Sunday School teacher

and she should know, she's 25, plenty

old and I'm only 10, it's amazing

that I know anything but I do know

that one day we'll get married, my teacher

and I, and I mean to each other, man

and woman or woman and man, it won't

matter to us much because there's something

about love that makes it better than what's

fair, justice call it, and equality

and I told her so after class today

but she just laughed and shook her head and said

You men are all alike--even you boys,

which cut me off before I could agree.

I don't want to die, I'm ten years old and

in perfect health except for growing, ha

ha, so it will take some time before I

settle into being an adult, my

body anyway, as for my mind I'm

not so sure and then there's my immortal

soul is what my Sunday School teacher calls

it, she should know, she owns the only

bakery in town but when I stop by

after school for one of her chocolate

chip cookies as big as a small pizza

or a brownie with enough sugar to

operate a dozen beehives she says

that I look taller and that I'm massing

muscle and that one day I'll make some girl

very happy but she won't be the one.

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