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Pathway Into Darkness; The Wren by Kenneth Vincent Walker

Pathway Into Darkness

Nightfall is rapidly

Approaching fast

Encroaching on the

Faltering daylight;

On the pathway to

Castle Dracula in

The very heart of

Transylvania, also

Known as Romania,

In the broodingly dark

Baltic­—remnants of

Time again revisited.

Oh, Vlad the Impaler

Leaving entrails on

A skewer for all to

See and to be horrified

At what pure evil can

Procure. Thousands

Of bodies wriggle and

Scream in unison as

The terror continues

To breach our fragile

Minds. For history may

Indeed repeat itself if

We choose to be blind.

The Wren

So sorry to hear that a

Wren blurting chirps in

Your ear in a delightful

Song causes you

Much nervous agitation.

At the top of its lungs

The bird sings and is

Thankful for all things

Despite your unfounded

Misdirected trepidation.

Unbeknownst to this bird

It shall utter its last chirp

As a slingshot aims with

Acute precision then the

Wren lay on the ground;

A stark silence abounds

All on account of your

Insolent selfish ambition.

You may silence the bird,

But you can’t kill the song;

Many more shall arrive in

Mass-migration by dawn.

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