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Prophecy; Defiance by Petar Penda


A prophecy says the sea will drown clouds

Disarm them of thunder and lightning,

Of heavy rains, hail and snow

And put an end to all seasons but summer.

Poseidon will protect us

from the heat of the sun

Raising a misty veil to shield us.

He will feed rivers, water the land,

slake the thirst of people

and all creatures.

But the god of rain and clouds

Won't bear the dullness of cloudless sky,

The sun's boisterous beams and pride,

And the tranquility of the sea.

The mighty Zeus will dive deep,

Crack open water and make it vomit

Imprisoned clouds, thunder and lightning.

The sea will be caged by the land

And winds and rain will batter it

As a reminder of how pride and insolence end.

And people will be confined by seas

And tortured by hail and snow

As a remembrance of how taking sides

Is always perilous but inescapable for the weak.


A witch went to see the Oracle of Delphi

to solve an ancient mystery

Of the disturbed sea when she cast the spell.

The waves would rise and fall

In the rhythm of her deep breathing

And the wind made whirlpools

As blood rushed in her heart.

Nearing Delphi she felt a presence

Of somebody entering her body,

Beginning with her toes, then up the legs.

She spoke the charm against body-reading,

But the flow only slowed down,

The warmth and tingles spread

Over the possessed part of her body.

Then she mumbled the charm

Against the spirits that invade people

And the flow stopped in her calves.

She repeated the charm but it was still there

And slowly moved to her knees

And up her thighs to the hips.

When it reached her stomach and

Threatened to enter her heart

The witch sank deep into her mind

And gathered all the strength of

Plants, trees, rivers and hills,

Breathed in deeply and exhaled,

Evicting the intruder in a windy rush.

Then she saw a warm whirlwind

Moving forcefully to engulf her.

She rolled her eyes inwards,

Called the spirits of the sea

And turned into a stone.

The wind hit it and bounced back

Returning to its source.

The witch took her old shape,

Learnt the mystery of the sea

And kept the power to resist uncalled changes.

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