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Reset Again; Family Reunion by Screams of Unfettered Minds



In a holding cell unlike anything on Earth

Enrico #29091901 and other human detainees

Patiently await voluntary sterilisation

It's been this way since the ticker tape parades

Ended and the true state of affairs was revealed

Guardians had enough, intervened, landed in superior

Spacecrafts relegating man's highest achievements

To schoolboy projects marked – Work in Progress


A rescue mission for this planet, Designation: Earth

Virus man contained; population control underway

Restoration of land, fauna and flora estimation

One hundred years through early intervention

Enrico #29091901 keeps trying to recall

A name from long ago, two centuries or so

A man who simply asked, ‘where is everybody?’

Enrico #29091901 wonders what would he say now?



He’s sitting there all casual like

Chomping on my left hand's middle finger

Holding it over his campfire, toasting

It a bit before masticating some more

Grinning but there’s no-one home


Fool me, I was late to see Kate

So, into the forest deep I dared

Besides it’s all drivel, just hogwash

Dismissing those tales now several years old

Nothing more than screams of unfettered minds

Yet here I sit, heavy-hearted, afflicted


Waited until he finally nodded off

So trusting I’d stay and meet his family

But I run like Beelzebub himself is behind me

I’m crying so hard I can hardly see

Hurts deeper than any physical harm


Safe at last, the posse readies to hunt his kind

It must be done if we’re to survive

And I at last may lay to rest

My long-lost missing baby brother


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