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Smoke And Mirrors by Ivanka Fear

Smoke and Mirrors

Step through the looking glass and you’ll find

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

A raven’s hair, blood red lips, snow white complexion,

German goth girl in a medieval castle, her lost soul trapped,

the reflector a portal to her fairytale kingdom.

The witch’s reflection distorted in the gilded mirror,

blocking the light, casting a shadow over her domain.

Snow white innocence lost in a woodland Paradise,

a poisoned apple bringing the fall, blood on the snow,

the mirror broken in red hot anger.

Seven years bad luck.

A deep sleep.

Might as well call her Eve, evil girl, not pure as the driven snow,

partaking of the forbidden fruit offered by the serpent,

banished from the royal gardens, expelled from Eden.

Driven by vanity, the allure of the corset and comb,

no less envious than the Queen herself,

thrown from the throne, perhaps rightfully so.

But people in glass houses...

Call us all Eve, on the eve of destruction,

our glass coffin shattering as the apple falls,

the fairytale ending as the white dove weeps.

A Grimm tale,

but behind the looking glass is a silver lining,

the happy ending in the rear view mirror of our childhood.

Mirror, mirror of our realm,

Who will break this evil spell?


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