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Sophisticated Noise; The Strange Nature Of Things; Deja Vu Days by Richard LeDue

Sophisticated Noise

Roses giving us a reason to talk,

like nosebleed stained toilet paper,

and what are words, but sophisticated noise

giving us a reason to listen?

There's no florists eight hours away

from Winnipeg, only grocery store

bouquets that come with a last meal

in a small packet with their own instructions.

So many flowers sacrificed for love-

a word with its own language,

even if a kiss speaks for itself,

while every unsaid goodbye spits silence.

The Strange Nature of Things

Days predictable as blue skies

surrendering to grey clouds

so we can make a metaphor

of rain, but to smile at puddles

is true strength, denying the weather

from weathering how we feel.

Yet we must acknowledge the deserts

we conceal deep down

in the well of our being,

where winters hide in 100 degrees shadows,

making us dream of snowflakes

without realizing they taste of death.

Deja Vu Days

I will be asleep shortly

because the day was long,

like a stray hair

lying dead in the bathtub.

I will dream of strangers

and tell myself they are part of me

because that's more normal

than believing in past lives or clairvoyancy.

I will curse the alarm clock

for reminding me how quiet sunlight can be,

bathing both the living and deceased

just enough for lips to crack, unkissed again.

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