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The Face Of Time by J. Kerr

The face of time 

A countenance of what is.  

Long forgot is what was. Like dust from boot. 

Too far is what will be.

Lightyears and nanoseconds

A murky macrocosm of what may and what could.

In my time

I have seen many things

A moment of gratitude for the oversoul who gives eternal life.

For all things great and small that amuse us while we trudge the mortal mire.

Among the chiefest:

Beautiful girls whose alabaster skin and molten lips belie a secret place.

A place where men come from seed.

Once a tree, spend erstwhile their time and seed. 

Giddy with glee. And oft behave childlike from its glamour

Until stars align

When lights grow dim 

Pulses rise. 

Betwixt and betwined

Forming silhouettes of strange creatures

And they writhe

Heat from below

Inside the infernal oast. 

A moment of ecstasy that ends in sighs.  

Worlds collide

Using time to decide if a star will shine under the sun. 

Child from seed turns to man before i could count backwards from five.

And what is a mans measure?        How did he tend his tree?

Did it wither?

If not then we have circumstances. 


And behold!

When you plant a seed that in proper measure becomes a tree.

And that tree plants a seed.  

That is the moment hearts bind .

The sapling of third degree whose pedigree gives stark meaning to time.  

In recompense, a bestowing of an endless font of the deepest of love and purest of joy .

A glyph

Etched in the mind

To remind us that all is fine.

And what is 

Is what should be.

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