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The Heart's Confession by Kathleen Chamberlin

The Heart’s Confession

I know the myriad ways a lover loves

As once a young poet wrote, counting the ways.

I know the intensity of a love that is more than love

As the poet wrote in his kingdom by the sea.

I know the loving marriage of true minds

Without impediment, nor alteration found

As the bard’s sonnet described.

I know the aching adolescent anguish

In the plaintive greeting of a former love, now a stranger

Or the painful plea to walk on by,

And the nostalgic yearning for the way we were.

I know the love that misses its moment

As the clowns rush in accompanying Judy’s sad refrain

And Sinatra’s whiskey-soaked voice wanting one more for the road.

I know the love that is unending Whitney’s voice soaring as Celine’s heart goes on.

I know the love that ignites a starry night

Holds me spellbound by a thousand kisses

I know the love as Yeats once wrote of the pilgrim soul in you.

I’ve thrilled, yearned, ached, soared, cried and mourned for love.

I have loved those I should

And those I shouldn’t

Distant memories, silently true:

All the loves I’ve ever loved, remain eclipsed by you.

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And again, I’m in awe of Kathleen’s mastery of putting words together that form a picture, a clear poetry that tells a story. Brilliant!

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