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The Mysterious Dot by Sugar de Santo

When he opened his eyes, it was completely dark. His head hurt and he could not move his body. He lay on his back like a bug, trying to move. At the same moment, a sharp pain shot through his body, making him cry out. Hastily, he took a breath. Slowly, the pain subsided again. Then he spotted a small red dot. He tried to become calm. What had happened? No memory. The red dot suddenly seemed to flicker. Where was he? What was that all about? Probably none of this was real. He tried to move again. The same stabbing pain, which drove through his body. He was panting. Even though it was dark, it flickered before his eyes. His heart raced, and sweat formed on his forehead. As the pain slowly subsided, he had the impression that the little red dot was moving. Was he imagining it? Wasn't the red dot just further to the right? He felt stressed. More sweat. This damned blackness! A nightmare. He didn't know what to do. His body felt leaden. He was afraid to move. Feverishly, he thought back and forth, what to do. Since when had he been here? Hours? Days? How had he gotten here? Suddenly it occurred to him. Impossible! His heart began to race. How could someone be so sadistic! Everything was quiet here, not a single sound, only his heart beat. Even the red dot was silent. He became increasingly restless. Why did all come back now? Then he vaguely remembered that there was someone locked in a dark dungeon who heard a whirring sound, but he could not place it in order. He tried to concentrate on the red dot. Distraction was good. He was now absolutely sure the red dot was moving. There was no doubt. Was he being watched? Who was interested in him? Out of curiosity, he decided to lay and watch the dot.

As he watched the mysterious dot, an odd thing happened. Suddenly, he felt a calming sensation come over him, and he felt more and more connected to the dot. He realized that the dot was trying to communicate with him in a language he didn't understand. Slowly he felt tired, and shortly after he fell asleep. The red dot moved towards him, circled around his head, then, slowly, slid along his body. He didn't notice anything. Everything happened silently. All at once, it was bright. He was rudely awakened by the neon light. He rubbed his eyes in irritation. Thank you for your cooperation, said a mechanical voice. Stay calm. Thank you for participating in this experiment. Then a heavy iron door opened, and he saw light.

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