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Twinge of Chilblain by Husain Abdulhay

Twinge of chilblain

Seemingly the sun is leaving the earth in the lurch

I snuff out the candle and retire to the bedstead

to sacrifice the gleams in favor of a twilight sleep

when the williwaw slinking behind the curtain

makes me chatter teeth with a twinge of chilblain

and render a rapid groping for a knockout drop

fearful of frostbitesquirming betwixt the winding-sheets

to go off on a bibulous bender to numb the nervy nisus

while remiss of the recurring chagrin of nidicolous nocturia

tumbling me out of bed to betake myself to fireplace

so as to chafe gelid firewood enisled in the inglenook

mayhap in exchange gain warmth and wrest grace

so that I could afford to outwear the night till dayspring

and then repair to backyard to consort with snowman in the forenoon

to forsake the wraith of the gruesome grueling gloaming

awaiting to guerdon me with the coaxing coy comradeship.


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