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Announcing the Release of Where Sands Run Finest by Vikki C.!

DarkWinter Press is excited to announce our latest release, Vikki C.'s poetry collection, Where Sands Run Finest. Vikki C. is a British-born ‘Best of the Net’ nominated writer, poet and musician from London, and author of The Art of Glass Houses (Alien Buddha Press, 2022) – a chapbook of poetry and short prose exploring the liminal landscapes of memory, heritage, art and the metaphysical. Her micro chapbook Dusklight Through The Dogwood Bower was published by Origami Poems in Autumn 2023. Where Sands Run Finest, Vikki's first full-length poetry collection, has already received accolades from the likes of Alan Parry, Editor-In-Chief of The Broken Spine, and Robert Frede Kenter, publisher of Ice Floe Press!

Congratulations Vikki on behalf of DarkWinter Press!


Where Sands Run Finest is a lyrical tribute to the liminal landscapes of time, memory, reveries, spirituality and the human condition. Foregrounding the author's life experiences through an aesthetic and defamiliarized lens, the collection serves as an artistic awakening to themes of identity, heritage, generational trauma, motherhood, love, loss and existential querying. 

From life's transient moments through to the metaphysical, Vikki C.’s poetry captures the lexicon of time's delicate rhythms both within the "temporal hourglass" and across "otherworlds" born of cosmic, esoteric and subconscious realms.

You can order Where Sands Run Finest in paperback as well as e-book for Kindle here:


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