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Baxter House Editions: Things My Mother Left Behind by Susan Richardson

DarkWinter Press is thrilled to announce our second publication under the Baxter House Editions imprint--the beautiful poetry collection Things My Mother Left Behind by Susan Richardson!


Things My Mother Left Behind is about the undeniable connections between love and grief, joy and pain.  It is an exploration of one woman’s journey through the loss of loved ones, loss of sight, loss of control and innocence.  It is about escaping into darkness and discovering light.

Susan Richardson is the author of Things My Mother Left Behind, from Baxter House Editions, and Tiger Lily, an Ekphrastic Collaboration with artist Jane Cornwell, published by JC Studio Press.  Her poetry has appeared in The Storms, Crannog, Door is Ajar, DarkWinter Lit, California Quarterly, The Opiate Magazine, and Rust+Moth, among others.  She also writes the blog, Stories from the Edge of Blindness, and hosts the podcast, A Thousand Shades of Green.

Things My Mother Left Behind is now available in paperback and e-version for Kindle and you can buy it here!


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