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DarkWinter Press New Release: Words On The Page by Zary Fekete!

DarkWinter Press is excited to announce our latest release, the novella Words On The Page by Zary Fekete, available now!


Do books protect us?

Ever since childhood, Zach has loved books. This passion is the key reason he is hired by Dr. McCaffery to work at Net Scour, an agency with one sole task: to fight against a renegade Artificial Intelligence bent on corrupting the internet and invading the minds of every person on earth.

     Dr. McCaffery has developed a breakthrough in quantum technology to fight the AI... a secret weapon: the combined literary power of every book ever written. The one way to defeat the AI is to saturate one’s mind with the power of written literature. The more books Zach reads, the more power he has against the AI.

     One day Zach meets Julie, Dr. McCaffery's daughter, who possesses the most advanced literary mind on the planet. The AI knows this and seeks to destroy her.

     As they read together, Zach and Julie's minds intertwine, and they discover a strange attraction that exists between them. But they dare not be distracted; the future of the world depends on their combined literary power.

     To discover the fate of the on.

Zary Fekete has worked as a teacher in Hungary, Moldova, Romania, China, and Cambodia, lives and works as a writer in Minnesota, has been featured in various publications including Zoetic Press, Bag of Bones Press, and Mangoprism, has a debut chapbook of short stories out from Alien Buddha Press and a novelette (In the Beginning) out from ELJ Publications, as well as his debut novella published by DarkWinter Press. Zary enjoys books, podcasts, and long, slow films. Twitter: @ZaryFekete

You can buy Words On The Page in either paperback of e-version for Kindle here!


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