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DarkWinter Press Announces Its First New Release of 2024!

DarkWinter Press is thrilled to announce our first release of 2024: Christopher Butt's debut short story collection In the Lair of the Kraken, now available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book for Kindle This collection of 18 stories is sure to thrill you and make you think. Do we have a favourite? They're all terrific, but The Greeter, a story about a lonely artificial lifeform, is especially close to our hearts.


What lies in the Lair of the Kraken? Darkness. The kind that fills our hearts, that we embrace, run from, challenge, triumph over, or surrender to. The kind that leads to tragedy, loneliness, bad decisions, narcissism, and good intentions.

Christopher Butt’s debut collection of nineteen stories delves into this madness and reveals monsters, both human and not, and cautions us to remember that when you gaze into the lair, the Kraken’s all-seeing eye stares back.

Tread carefully.

Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Christopher Butt is a twenty-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces pursuing his dream as a writer. He has published stories on DarkWinter Lit, fan fiction on Wattpad and is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of Canada. He currently lives in St. Catharines with his family.



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