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How To Defeat Demons; How Long; Please Note by Jacqueline Jules

How To Defeat Demons

You can’t see them, but you know

they are there, waiting, whispering.

They surround you when you sleep.

Follow you throughout the day.

Sometimes you shiver, wondering

what they’re saying about you.

Are they pointing at a pimple?

Snickering at your words?

Here’s how to defeat them.

Sprinkle ashes around your bed.

In the morning, you’ll see footprints.

Tiny three-toed tracks. Quite small

beside your own two feet.

You have the evidence now.

Go on your way with sturdy steps.

Knowing you are bigger

than any demon you imagine.

How Long

He asked how long

as if we were talking about a broken bone,

expected to heal in 6 to 8 weeks.

How long? Before I didn’t feel like a fish

dangling from a hook, gasping for breath.

Before you felt like yourself again,

he clarified, as if the person I once was

still recognized the person I am now.

He wanted me to give him an end point,

like the vernal equinox, a date on the calendar

when the light would grow longer each day.

Pausing to answer, I realized I couldn’t recall

exactly how long it had been since I knelt on the floor,

hugging my waist, screaming for grief to end.

Five years? Or six?

It doesn’t feel that long.

Please Note

A storm with a name we might remember

years from now, like Katrina or Sandy,

gathers strength in the Caribbean Sea.

Satellites and scientists are busy

taking measurements, tracking paths.

A turn west endangers one coast.

A turn north threatens another.

But please note, The Weather Channel warns:

Five days is too far out to predict much.

Models show what may not materialize.

Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?

will always howl across the land

at a hundred miles an hour.

The best you can do

is lash yourself to a tree

and be grateful you have

something to hug

as you watch majestic waves

roil up and down with the wind.


Aug 24, 2022

I agree. How Long is especially moving.


Aug 22, 2022

These are all terrific, and 'How Long' is exceptionally powerful. Thanks for sharing them.

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