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I'd Rather by Laura Stamps

Dinner tonight with Barbara. We’re

making salads. My best friend. She is.

And vegan too (of course!). She says:

“Rachel, have you seen the new

salad thingy on Facebook? You dump

all your salad stuff in it. Cucumbers.

Lettuce. Tomatoes. Green beans.

Whatever. Snap on the cover. Turn

it upside down. Run a knife through

the slats at the bottom. Pop the

cover off. And pour out a finished

salad.” She shows me the ad for it.

Geez. The knife you’d need. Looks

more like a machete. Nope. Don’t

have one. Don’t want one. Who

invents these crazy things? I pluck

a green bean from my salad. Toss it

to Amelia. She pounces. Acts like

it’s a snake. Wrestles with it. Races

around the room. If she doesn’t eat

it, she’ll play with it. Forget silly

kitchen gadgets. I’d rather have a dog.

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25 sept 2023

That's a fun food and dog poem

Me gusta
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