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Love Intoxication; Desanctified by Sadee Bee

Love Intoxication

Put your lips to the edges of this glowing pyre. A guilty taste of the pleasure

that is destruction. Edges of bliss unfurl, burning a feast that once was us.

Stacked here are memories, white-hot lust, anger, the purest passion.

Smoke potent, love intoxication seeping into these lungs. All I want to feel,

smolders here.

I do not burn to forget.


These are no holy hands, I do not possess pure intentions.

I long to sin the way idle hands do, reach out, touch the forbidden.

Crawl my way into its juicy depths, bathe until I am desanctified.

I have never looked for the light, hell-bent on my own destruction,

in the shape of you. The meat of you. Of us. Swallow me whole,

feel the ungodly burn of passion I hold.

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