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Perspective; Business As Usual by Lesley Goldie


red roofs

lichen covered

chimneys like sentries make a nonsense

of perspective

keening gulls, screaming swifts,

the honeyed cascade

of a blackbird's song and

the clear open sky

A sense of loss

something missing,

waiting, quietly patient.

Saudade, perhaps.

Floating like a dandelion pappus

or a dead fish. Whims of nature.

As invisible as air. No illusion of control,

any more

Business as usual


time for internal dialogue

a longed-for unravelling

a chance to listen

to something deeper

than the constant chatter of

your dopamine addiction

the insidious whisper of desire

for once drowned out

by silence and birdsong

challenging the status quo

a chance to stop

an enforced time

for reflection

but Netflix distraction

saves you from thinking

from re-evaluating

life and lies

invisible truths

all those possibilities

the glimmer of choice

the desperate clammer

to consume negates

the nascent dawning

stultified withdrawal

deny your culpability

return to your

sleeping sickness

creeping sickness

comfortable complacency

lapse, relapse, relax

business as usual

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