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The Dark Winds by Jim Young

The Dark Winds by Jim Young

Have you ever looked out on the woods as the wind did howl?

And think that you may have seen the eyes of the owl?

Trees that would shake like the pig has the jowl?

Know that the air was robust with the foul!!!


Have you ever looked at the night that was blacker than coal?

Where no one could see…well maybe a mole?

But know that the dark had attained its black goal?

To hear the moan from the depths of the hole!!!!


Have you ever walked out into the molasses abyss?

Could ever be anywhere solemn as this?

A shiver…a shake…the sound of  a hiss?

No going back… that would be remiss!


Have you ever thought how did this come to be?

The sunlight again were ever to see?

Had the darkness victoried! And taken over me?

Lost what was one and now become…WE


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