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The Solitude of Drowning; I Love Your Every Shade of Dark by Elizabeth Mercurio

The Solitude of Drowning

Drive out to the wild coast, to forget.

Imagine a life—

drift across the Atlantic

& don’t look back.

Leave a tender message.

A letter has no walls,

it flies from fingertips

to heart,

as intimate as choosing flowers

for the funeral.

I Love Your Every Shade of Dark

Life has done its worst to you.

You stood for the heart, the violent heart.

Live it all, shoot it all, you sang. Then sit down

in paradise. Or die in a gutter, or not.

Maybe loved in a warm house.

The air clean, the window open— busy with a thousand songs.

Urgent, I write.

This is not a letter to you, not a note, but a word said deep at night over a garden gate

from this world into the next.


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