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My Wife: Hardboiled Detective Noir by Louis Marvin

My Wife: Hardboiled Detective Noir

Did it ever get so bad, that your wife said please stop talking?

You fucked up, didn’t read her mind, or didn’t read the situation

She said, “After 25 years I finally figured out that you don’t connect the dots”

I said I got ADHD and some LD

No matter in the game of love and war, soul mates, and Us & Them as Pink Floyd said on the Dark Side. . .

Damned if I didn't lose my way with you this Summer, even as we walked hand in hand through the woods together

If I wanted to go silent or go rogue, my wife would [make you talk] and [pick me up and bring me back] because:

“We have ways of making you talk. . .”

She says under bright lights, like a detective making a case with Marlowe and/or Spade

Except, the detective didn’t cry and turn off the recorder, telling you to stop in mid-confession or “I’m sorry”


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